Saturday, February 23, 2008

Canon PIXMA iP1800 and Ubuntu

PIXMA iP1800 is a good cheap inkjet printer. And it work in Ubuntu very well.

1. Connect printer to USB, switch it on, open it and insert cartridges.

2. Now you can see a message in top right coner on your screen. It tell that Canon iP1800 was connected but driver was not found. Press the button for add printer to system and use the standart text driver.

3. Download iP1800 driver

4. Install packages by double click.

5. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing, select iP1800 and press the Change button.

6. Select /usr/share/cups/model/custom/canonip1800.ppd

7. In the preferences window press Apply.

That's all. Your Canon iP1800 is ready for work.


Anonymous said...

Newer drivers for Ubuntu 8.04 are here:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I installed Ubuntu on my Girlfriends parents' computer after bragging about how much better linux is than Windows. Then I realized the printer wasn't working. Your instructions saved me from a huge embarrassment! Thanks!

TheTuTorials said...

THX!!! after searching forever it worked THXXXX!!! kep up the good work

Sweet Fairy said...

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